Paint with custom material


I was wondering if there is a way that I can paint with a custom material…


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If you’re talking about applying a material variant to a base part, you can set the MaterialVariant property (located in said base part) to FF or the material variant of your choice.

More information here.

No, I am talking about the paint terrain tool. Can I paint with “FF”?

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Of course you can!

Here’s what you want to do. Set the BaseMaterial property of the MaterialVariant to the terrain material which you’d like to change. Then go to the MaterialService service in your explorer tab, and lastly set the “material override” to the MaterialVariant which you created.

Here’s some pictures for guidance:


^ Change the BaseMaterial to the terrain material of your choice.

^ When hovering over the override, you’ll have an option for a dropdown menu. Within the dropdown menu you’ll be able to override the original material with your MaterialVariant.

Disclaimer: I tested this with one material and it worked, however, I noticed that you named your MaterialVariant “FF” which I assume is short for “ForceField”. I’m not sure if it’ll work for that material, but you can give it a shot.

I hope this helps, good luck :slight_smile:


Cool! And FF was just a random name :wink:

One thing tho… if I have a bunch of different custom material variants, wont I run out of materials to override? I am prob. explaining this poorly, but yk what I’m trying to say?

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I’m a little confused on what you mean, could you elaborate?

You can override an unlimited amount of materials, I’m assuming the priority system is first-come first-serve. You can also set the Part.MaterialVariant property of a part.

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Its not… I cant paint with a custom material

You cannot pain terrain with custom materials at this moment.

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Alright, but is there like an alternative method or plugin?

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