Palace [Commissioned]

I was commissioned to build a palace building, took some inspiration from the Chateau Le Marbeaumont, and from there went at it. Let me know what you think. :grinning:


Hmmm, it’s beautiful! I like it!


The roof seems too basic for the building’s details.


10/10, It’s amazing! Great job. But I think that that it should have a few bushes outside, and maybe a better roof

Great job, I would recommend to detail roof more, but atm it looks incredible!

As the other ones said, the roof needs more details. Else I really like it.

How did you make the pillars?
Is everything made in studio?


You’r castle look like the entrence of the castle of Versailles (France), i really like it!
But like a lot of people said, you should add more details on the roof.
Also i think the castle is a bit small, no? And do the caslte is build inside?

Have a good day.

This looks majestic! I’d ask to give more detail to roof as everyone already said…
btw how long did it take u to make this? and whats the part count in this build?

It looks amazing but I guess you should add more detail to the roof like add tiles or even a smoke effect you really don’t have any limit of what you can do except for your imagination :grin:

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Definitely will take the roof into more consideration in the future, thanks!

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I used a solid amount of meshes I made in blender including the cylindrical columns, so it’s definitely a mix between studio and blender.

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Right, every part of the building other than the roof has extremely high, showcase level detail, while the roof seems very off. Other than that it’s fantastic and fairly accurate to similar real life buildings

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@bibidh040 it took about 10 hours in total, part count including mesh-parts (which have a significant role in this build) is 902.

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It’s stunning! Though like others have said, the lack of similar detailing on the roof ruins it a bit. Overall I’d say 8/10.

Looks really good! I won my liking. Very realistic!

Add more to the roof, but all in all very nice and detailed build. :+1:

I don’t understand why you would put all this effort into the meshes and not get any textures. Some parts look complicated on the build and some look like 2 bricks stuck together.

I have a question how did you you get that roof?
Edit: nvm I probably did it in blender and scaled the ends of a square.

if this is what he did he probably would of used autosmooth also

As soon as I looked at it I let out an obnoxiously loud “WHA!”

This may be one of the best buildings I’ve seen on roblox so far. I highly recommend you change the material of the roof to something different because that’s the only flaw of the building, it’s lack of detail draws your eyes away from all the good stuff.