Pallets sits and tables from real life --> roblox studio

hello, today im made stuff from real life picture i am did (spend 10-20 minutes)
feel free to discuss and send feedback


Your scaling is really good.
My biggest issue is that in the real world wood ‘grain’ almost always goes the long length of the boards since wood is stronger along its grain.
In most of your long boards the grain is going across the short length.
The wood Material you have also seems to be reflective. That’s great if the wood is supposed to have a varnished finish to it, but if it’s supposed to be natural wood it shouldn’t be so shiny.

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i am has unioned 2 parts of table like down and up i am used smooth plastic for reflectance and used plugin with textures to do grain and wood (i am anything do on eye and using some images like google or pictures with screenshots, usually scalling to gorigonewneme character)

thanks you for feedback M A N!