Palm Tree Build

This is my second time making a palm tree! It’s also my first time making a map that isn’t low-poly. Could I get some feedback? I also want to know how to improve my palm tree if there are any issues with it!

Palm Tree:


If you want to, feel free to put suggestions to what I should put in the middle of the island I made!Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 5.24.40 PM


Very very basic. The colors don’t really match with the contrast. Its just all blocky and doesn’t look like a palm tree.


It’s never a good idea to attempt to make a tree in Roblox Studio. It will always turn out blocky, like what you have there. The leaves look extremely weirdly shaped and the trunk look like it’s “staged”, which is also very weird.

You should use Blender to make trees, and textures for them, it’s much smoother and better looking than what you have right now.


Many of my friends have suggested blender, but I seem to have trouble using it. Last time I exported a mountain, it was transparent. Do you have any tutorial videos you would recommend for making palm trees?


It looks more of a fan because theirs barely any leafs coming off it or bushy parts.

Looks good for beginners. :+1:
Very satisfying. :+1:
The leaves are positively different from the shape of the trees. :slightly_smiling_face:

(You are very creative)

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I don’t know of any specific palm tree tutorials but, I would recommend watching Grant Abbitt on youtube for learning blender in general. Abbitt is well known in the blender community and has years of experience. He is often called “the Bob Ross of Blender”(You’ll understand when you watch).

That would probably be because you’re normals are flipped, so you can either select the whole model (A) and press shift+n or just turn on face orientation overlays tab, and shift+n all the faces that are red.

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You could put more sand in the middle, or benches. Maybe some water stands, or any booths. It could turn into a tropical beach. Good start!

You have to make a texture for it too.

This video should explain it quite well:

In the video, this is his texture:
It is supposed to look funny at first, but if you design it right it will look normal once you apply it to the mesh.


I tried making a tree in blender. It has some issues with it (No leaves :sweat_smile:) But I am getting better, thanks for the recommendation! image


It’s very blocky, it should be skinnier and it needs more leaves.
Here’s what a real palm tree looks like for reference:


In blender right click in object mode and select shade smooth, I think it’ll look better. :smiley:

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Look into Modular Tree addon for blender and an addon I think called Sapling Generator.

This was a tree I made fairly quickly with the modular tree addon.

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