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Palmero Hotels is a hotel genred group that provides a delightful experience for guests and ensures that they will leave fully relaxed and satisfied. Our hotel was made with exquisite care, offering you high-end, refined suites and an absolutely elegant pool. Come experience ultimate comfort at Palmero Hotels to brighten up your week.

Palmero Hotels was founded by MMCCORMICK16, Otapse and Reveusie.

This handbook is to inform you on our general information. We strongly encourage you to read this as it will be essential throughout your time here. If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries don’t hesitate to contact a member of our SHR team on the Discord server. We would be delighted to help, thank you for your time!


Code of Conduct

Communications Server And General:

  • 3 Warnings :arrow_forward: Kick From Server
  • 6 Warnings :arrow_forward: 3 Day Ban
  • 9 Warnings :arrow_forward: Permanently Banned
  1. Disrespect & Hatred
    Any disrespect in the Discord server or in-game is strictly prohibited and comes with harsh consequences. Threatening another will get you an instant blacklist from the group. At Palmero Hotels, we welcome everyone. We do not discriminate against anyone regardless of their sexuality, gender, age, religion, nationality, race, ethnicity, political stance, social origin, disabilities, etc. We are a family. We’re meant to support each other, not turn on one another.

  2. NSFW
    Sending links/photos/messages in any of the channels (including MR+) within the communications server that lead to anything NSFW or inappropriate will result in an immediate ban and termination from your position.

  3. Advertisement
    Sending invite links of you or another user’s Discord server, Roblox group/game, company, channel, or any other social media is forbidden. This includes DM advertising. If a user reports you to an SHR, you will be banned immediately.

  4. Hinting
    To make it clear, Palmero Hotels will not and does not give out free ranks. When people are given a rank, they are either trained by a member of staff or have been assessed and we acknowledge the prior experience that they have with other communities. Begging for a free rank will get you nowhere.

  5. Controversial Topics
    Please do not bring controversial topics such as politics, religion, and moral values into conversation. You may have your own opinion on these things, but it shouldn’t be spoken of here. Take it to the DM’s if you really wish to discuss it with someone.

  6. Personal Information
    If you share any kind of personal information without someone’s permission, you will get unappealably blacklisted. We have absolutely zero tolerance for this.

  7. Common Sense
    Common sense must be present while on our server. A rule does not have to specifically state something for it to be considered against the rules. The consequences of certain actions may change depending on the situation.

  8. Public Chat
    We use our Discord server as a way of communicating with our members at Palmero Hotels. This server is a community, do not hold personal conversations in public chats, do not tell others to “go away” or to “mind their business.” Do not spam, caps abuse, mass mention users unnecessarily (especially SHR’s) or do anything that just doesn’t make sense. Cussing in this server is not tolerated under any circumstances and you will be punished accordingly depending on the situation and severity.

  9. Professionalism
    All staff members are required to remain professional in public chats. However, grammar is not mandatory in our communications server.

  10. Appropriate use of Channels
    Only use channels based on what they have been created for. For example, this means to use bot commands in the bot-commands channel and not elsewhere.

  11. Overall
    Please do not question us on our rules. They are all in place for a reason and if you can not follow our simple set of rules, you may leave the server. We will not be questioned or argued with if you complain about a valid warning you receive.

Rank System

Rank System

Resort Guest: This rank is given to those who have just joined the group.
Suspended: A member of the MR+ team who has made a minor mistake. Members may receive their rank back on the date given.
Honor Member: A member who is a retired HR+ with a good reputation.
Allied Representative: A representative from one of our ally groups.

  • Low Ranks

Junior Staff: This rank can be obtained by passing the application found in the Application Center. Your duty is to attend a training session to be ranked up.
Janitor: This rank can be obtained by passing a training session. As a Janitor, your job is to clean the resort and check guests in and out.
Security Guard: This rank can be obtained by passing a training session. As a Security Guard, your job is to make sure the hotel is safe from trollers and help out any guests in need.
Desk Attendant: This rank can be obtained by passing a training session. As a Desk Attendant, you are to check guests in and out of their rooms and answer any questions they may have.

  • Middle Ranks

Employee Assistant: Members with this given role will mainly be in charge of supervising Palmero establishments in an efficient and effective manner, they can also help out at training. To receive this rank, you must either pass applications or show your hard work, dedication, and loyalty. That way you may be noticed.
Supervision Team: The main role of the Supervision Team is to join the game and report any problems to the appropriate department. Supervisor’s may also assist in trainings or conduct general staff duties during staff shortages.
Managerial Intern: HR Intern’s supervise and assist in the hotel as well as training sessions. They are proven to be more experienced than their previous ranks. Also, they have the additional opportunity of hosting training sessions with a CA+.

  • High Ranks

Manager: Managers have passed their internship with flying colors and now have more responsibility. Such as hosting sessions, banning trollers, moderating tickets, etc.
Senior Management: Senior Management comprise the responsibilities and expectations of the HR Team as well as the duties listed in the aforementioned ranks.
Shift Leader: Shift Leaders continue to execute the responsibilities and standards of the HR Team as well as play a high role-model standard for the more recent members in it.

  • Senior Ranks

Corporate Intern: CI’s are Corporate Advisors in training. You will begin working with a department and get experience in this chosen field.
Corporate Advisor: CA’s are tasked with managing our employees and disciplinary action system. CA’s have specifically shown dedication throughout their work in the selected departments. They are open to more opportunities and jobs in their respective departments, they are also just one step away from the SHR position.

  • Senior High Ranks

Head of Operations: Oversees the Operating department. They are responsible for making sure trainings and shifts run smoothly, as well as ensuring staff follow the procedures when it comes to serving guests. Manages all MR-SR’s.
Head of Communications: Oversees the Communications department. They are responsible for partnerships, alliances and anything relating to that. The Head of Communications ensure that alliances and partnerships with other groups run smoothly. They also deal with staff members who act unprofessional in our ally groups.
Head of Staffing: Oversees the Staffing department. They are responsible for activity logging, hiring general staff (applications) and ensuring general staff follow the Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct. Handles MR+ demotions & staff reforms, approves/denies IA forms.
Co-Founder: The Co-Founder’s are well-respected and are in charge at the hotel. (Otapse & Reveusie)
Founder: The founder of Palmero Hotels! (MMCCORMICK16)

Promotion Standards

In order to be promoted through the 9+ ranks, we expect one to meet and exceed the following expectations. We look for these characteristics and behaviors.

  • Must be active within our establishment and Discord server.
  • Must show hard work, dedication, and passion towards the group.
  • You must NOT have safe chat.
  • You must be a Desk Attendant, Security Guard, or Janitor and have joined our Discord Server.
  • Your account must be over 30 days old.
  • You must use proper grammar at all times.
  • You must have a good background, reputation, no history of hinting, etc.

Promotion Cooldowns

Middle Rank

  • Low Rank :arrow_forward: Middle Rank :arrow_forward: 2 Weeks
  • Employee Assistant :arrow_forward: Supervision Team :arrow_forward: 1 Month
  • Supervision Team :arrow_forward: Managerial Intern :arrow_forward: Intern Applications

High Rank

  • Managerial Intern :arrow_forward: Manager :arrow_forward: 1 Month
  • Manager :arrow_forward: Senior Management :arrow_forward: 2 Months
  • Senior Management :arrow_forward: Shift Leader :arrow_forward: 2 Months

Senior Rank

  • Shift Leader :arrow_forward: Corporate Intern :arrow_forward: 3 Months
  • Corporate Intern :arrow_forward: Corporate Advisor :arrow_forward: 3 Months

Note that just because your cooldown has ended, it does not mean you will recieve a promotion.


Demotions typically only occur to 9+, where one is demoted to the rank below them due to inactivity, unprofessionalism, etcetera. This is not to be mistaken for a termination, which is the complete demotion from a staff rank to Hotel Guest.

If you were demoted, it may be for the following reasons:

  • Inactivity (MR+)
  • Unprofessionalism
  • False Promotion

If you haven’t found an appropriate justification for your demotion, please contact a member of the Staffing department only upon the day of the demotion.

Affiliate Information

Interested in allying with Palmero Hotels? If so, then please fill out all of the required questions to the best of your ability. Once your application has been submitted, please wait up to 24-48 hours for it to be reviewed. Before submitting an alliance application, please ensure that you meet all of the following requirements that have been listed below. If you submit an alliance application and we find out that you do not meet our requirements, then it will be automatically declined despite the status of your application. Exceptions can be made, but very rarely. On behalf of Palmero Hotels, we thank you for your interest in our group and wish you the best of luck on your application!


  • Your group MUST have at least 300 non-botted members or more, having less will lead to an auto decline. Note that the requirements of the number of members will change later on in the future as we will continue striving towards success!
  • Your group must be a hotel, cafe, restaurant, ice-cream parlor, school or things within this specific industry.
  • Your group must have at least ONE game published. Application center, training center, main game, etc.
  • Your group MUST have a positive reputation. If there seems to be drama in the future of this alliance, we will terminate depending on how serious the situation is.
  • Your group must have a hard-working and professional staff team. Here at Palmero Hotels, we are a very professional establishment and we are seeking to ally with groups that could benefit us just as much as we could benefit them. If you have an unprofessional staff team, it sets a poor representation of your group and does not look good in front of alliances.
  • Your group must have an active community. We aren’t looking for a specific amount of players at your game or in your Discord server, we are just looking for consistency.
  • Your group must be able to announce Palmero related events, Palmero will also announce your group’s events when needed.
  • You must have at least TWO representatives willing to join the Palmero Hotels communications server and Roblox group. If they leave our group or server and you do not send a replacement, the alliance will be terminated immediately.
  • Asking about your results will lead to an auto-decline. The form is checked regularly and we will get back to you as soon as we can if your application is accepted.


1. What is your Roblox username, Discord name and tag?
2. What is your group’s name?
3. What is your rank at your group?
4. Please provide your communications server and ROBLOX group link.
5. Why do you want to ally with Palmero Hotels?
6. How can this alliance benefit both groups?
7. Give us a little bit of background information about your group. What kind of group is it and how was it founded?
8. What makes your group stand out from other applicants who are interested in allying with Palmero Hotels?
9. Who are the 2 representatives associated within your group? Please provide their Roblox username and Discord tags.
10. Do you understand that you must never copy our ideas or creations at Palmero?
11. Do you understand that we have the right to terminate our alliance with your group if you are caught violating any of our rules and guidelines and/or failing to meet our requirements?

Submitting an application can be achieved by completing the alliance form in the communications server or answering the above questions in a google document and sending it to a member from the Communications Department or the Co-founders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I become Junior Staff?

  • To become Junior Staff, you must go to our Application Center and pass the short quiz. Once you have passed, you will be promoted to the rank; Junior Staff.

How do I progress to the other ranks after Trainee?

  • After successfully passing your training session, you will receive either three ranks of your choice; Desk Attendant, Security Guard, or Janitor. You CAN’T go to a training session to receive a higher rank but you may go to re-train for one of the three. You can also apply for MR when applications are made available.

What do I do if I see a troller or exploiter in-game?

  • If you encounter a troller in-game you are expected to verbally warn them using the format you learned in training, then reach out to an MR for assistance. If there are no admins in-game, you should use our ticketing system to contact a management member in our Discord server, so they can join your server. If you encounter an exploiter in-game, you should gather immediate evidence of the exploiter and contact an HR+ to ban request them.

I passed my training, but I wasn’t promoted. What should I do?

  • In the rare event this happens, you should contact the staff member that trained and passed you as soon as possible. If you cannot get in contact with them, reach out to any Corporate members about the situation and they will be more than happy to help.

I have safechat. Can I apply for the Junior Staff position?

  • Yes, we allow users with safechat to apply for all low ranks. However, these safechat users will not be eligible for promotion to ranks 9+.

How do I join the communications server?

  • You can join Palmero’s communications server through our never-expiring invite link on the group page or using the code: UMPSZebTqn.

How can I support Palmero Hotels?

  • Supporting us is very simple, you can play our game or get a job there! If you are feeling generous or want amazing perks, feel free to donate in the donation board, buy some of our merch or game passes!
Training Schedule

Here at Palmero Hotels, we are very professional when it comes to training. Therefore, if you are caught trolling, spamming, etc, you will face removal from the training session. If there are no hosts at the training center, then the session would most likely be canceled.

:alarm_clock: SESSION TIMES :alarm_clock:

  • 12 PM EST
  • 2 PM EST
  • 4 PM EST
  • 6 PM EST
  • 8 PM EST
  • 12 AM EST
  • 2 AM EST
  • 4 AM EST
  • 8 AM EST
  • 10 AM EST

Note that these are all written in the timezone of EST. If you are not in this timezone, you may convert it to your given timezone using this link;

Contact Information


Head: TBA
Team Member: @Brightsmile8 :arrow_forward: Brightsmile888ᵈᵉᵛ#3662


Head: JusticeSpiritYT :arrow_forward: Justice Spirit#0007
Team Member: TBA


Head: dqlisticAlt :arrow_forward: Miguel•#8696
Team Member: TBA


Builder & Scripter: @Sebasie121 :arrow_forward: sebasss121#1434
Builder: @MMCCORMICK16 :arrow_forward: MMCCORMICK16#3321
Builder: @bloodgallery :arrow_forward: angi#5124
Builder: @Reveusie :arrow_forward: charlie.#8614


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