Panda Cafe rules

Greetings! Welcome to Panda Cafe’s rules. If you’d like to get a job here, make sure to follow these rules. Failing to abide by these rules will result in automatic fail to interviews or demotion.

Be respectful.
Being respectful is the most important rule. Being disrespectful will result in an automatic demotion. Here are examples of what we consider as being rude: Saying bad words, trolling, spamming, bypassing, mean comments, etc.

No drama.
Creating, participating or encouraging drama is not accepted here. Do not involve yourself into any drama, as it will result in consequences.

Use spelling.
Low ranks are required to use spelling. Be careful! Spelling is not grammar, so you are not forced in any way to use punctuation. No “u”'s or “r”’s are allowed, you must say “you” and “are”.

No trolling, spamming, scamming, exploiting or bypassing.
You are not allowed to troll, nor scam, spam,exploit or bypass. Trollers receive 3 warnings from LR’s (Low Ranks), and 1 warning from MR’s + (Middle Ranks +). Spammers only receive 1 warning as they get the chat laggy! Scammers receive the same amount of warnings as trollers. If you hack or bypass, you receive no warnings and you get banned.

Follow all of ROBLOX’s TOS. =
Following all of ROBLOX’s Terms Of Services is very important. You must know them and abide by them, or you shall get demoted.

If you do not follow any of these rules, it will result in a demotion.

= MR + Rules:
First of all, you must abide by all the same rules as the LR’s. Here are a few more rules:

Use grammar. =
Grammar is important to show professionalism and dedication. Not using grammar could make you receive warnings, but could not lead you to a demotion unless constant lack of grammar.

Show professionalism. =
Not showing professionalism shows that you do not care about your job. You can be professional by being active, using grammar, being mature, handling situations calmly and helping people when they need it. Not doing so increase your chances of demotion.

Be active. =
Being active shows that you actually care about your job and want to support the community. We understand that you have school and a social life, but if you want to be a MR +, you need to dedicate some time into moderating here. We need atleast 30 minutes of moderating per 7 days (a week). If you need to be inactive, please send an inactive notice. (More info coming soon.) Being active will not apply to those that have bought our Instant Helper gamepass, since they got the rank with robux.

Please note that you are not allowed to use the commands :jail, :kill or :fly (fly is allowed ONLY during exceptions).

Here are a few more rules to specific categories of MR’s +:

Helpers: You cannot host. You can kick trollers by using the command :kick (user). You can supervise Staff Assistants while they are interviewing and can interview. NOTE: If a Staff Assistant is interviewing someone, they need to be supervised by a Helper +. Helpers cannot use the commands :h or :m, aswell as :ban or :pban. Doing so will be considered as AA (Admin Abuse) and will get you demoted. Please enter a reason while kicking someone!

Assistant Manager: You are able to host Daily Meetings.You have all of the permissions the ranks below you have. You cannot ban, nor pban and can only use :h or :m while hosting. No exceptions.

Manager: You are able to host Daily Meetings and Interviews. You have all the permission of the ranks below you and can only use :h or :m while hosting. No exceptions.

Assistant Supervisor: You are able to host Daily Meetings, Interviews and Trainings. You have all of the permissions of the ranks below you and can use :m and :h only while hosting. No exceptions.

Supervisor: You are able to host Daily Meetings, Trainings, interviews and Helper Interviews. You have all the permissions of the ranks below you and can use the commands :h or :m while hosting and when the occasion fits. You are now able to ban.

Administrator: You can host Daily Meetings, Trainings, Interviews and Helper Interviews. You have all the permissions of the ranks below you. You can pban.

These are the rules for our Panda Cafe staff! Thank you for working here at Panda Cafe and for taking the time to read our rules.