Panda Cafe Session Times

Panda Cafe Sessions

Welcome to Panda Cafe! If you want to attend some sessions, here are all the session times.

Every day:

Training | 7 AM EST, 1:30 PM EST, 3 PM EST
Interviews | 8 AM EST, 12:30 AM EST, 5 PM EST
Daily Meetings | 11 AM EST

Sessions may be added soon for other timezones.
Not in EST? Use a timezone converter to see when the sessions are being hosted in your timezone.

Right now at the time you are seeing this post, we don’t have many MR/HRs. That means that sessions may be cancelled a lot. Thank you for understanding. If you have any other questions, ask a member of the SHR+ team. (Board of Directors and above.)

All sessions will be held at the temporary cafe for now until we make the cafe, training center, etc.

Good luck if you go to a session!
Signed SHR+ Team

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