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Hey, I’m Panda, also known as PandaPb. I am a Roblox Developer, specializing in UI and UX design, with over 3 years of experience under my belt. I enjoy creating art, and I love delivering in high-quality work. I’m committed to making quality, and I am flexible to tailor the design to your likings.

Some notable people I’ve worked with: @Suggyiem, @Rick2809, @RealmValor, @Bobbysayhi, @BarbieBankz, @Erythia, @noxyra, MeganPlays, Ant, and I’ve also worked for Melon Development.

Games I've worked for:

Anime World:

Game Link

Sonic Pulse RP:

Game Link

Mysterious Murderer:

Game Link

Balloon Simulator 2:

Game Link

Be Crushed by a Speeding Wall:

Game Link


Shooter/RPG Styled UIs



(lock icon drawn with a reference)

Laser Tag

Scarlet Empire


USA vs Russia

USA vs Russia

(gun icon and gfx provided by client)

Treacherous Tides

Realm UI

Cartoony Styled UIs

Balloon Simulator 2

Mysterious Murderer

Crazy Elevator

Elemental Power Simulator

Dreamy Hangout


Hopping Simulator

Flat UI Practice

Club/Vibe Game UIs

US Coast Guard UIs (2022)

Club Game

Modern UIs

Upon Us (Character Art, Icons, and UI)


Concept Art (WIP)



I accept both Robux, PayPal, and BTC as a method of payment. Prices are negotiable and I can give you an estimate once I’ve seen the level of detail required, workload, and time constraint. To avoid time wasting, I usually take payment either half & half or upfront.

Feel free to contact me for a more accurate quote based on your project.


Q: How long does it take for a full-game UIs to be finished?
A: A full game UIs typically takes from 3-7 days to deliver from the moment that I’m commissioned to the moment the files are sent.

Q: Do you import the UIs?
A: All my UIs are made in photoshop, and I usually send each button/background separately so it’s easier to script and insert.

Q: Are you able to make edits to the UIs
A: Absolutely, editing and refining your work is an essential part of art! Feel free if you’d like me to tweak something or change it, as long as it’s nothing major, I’ll do it!


The best methods to contact me are through discord, twitter, or devforum.

Discord: BerryGoodwin#6844
My Site:


Great work, i’ve reached out.
Seems like a very nice guy.

Game Art for @Hollistic

Commissions are open! I’ve recently finished my UI commissions as well as some logo practices, so feel free to reach out to hire me!

image BerryGoodwin#6844

Great artist. Great person. Hard worker. This is the guy for the job. Recommend 1000 times over.


Questions might come to mind :
Do you want to hire him? if yes I highly recommend you hiring him for UI designing in general because they nail it very well!

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