Paradise Island Full Time Builder and Modeller Wanted [$250-$500USD!]

The Paradise Island Team is currently looking for a builder to join our team of developers!

Paradise Island is a brand new, innovative roleplay game based on an island! It is currently in the ALPHA stages of release, with over 2590 game sales, a 87% rating, 235 favourites and over 1,800 visits so far! We are wanting to rework the overall look and feel of the game. There is a current map and a few builds, but we as a team want to take the look of the game to a whole new level! This is where you come in!

As a builder you will required to work alongside the rest of our development team and build an entire new map, new builds, new interiors and much more! You can contribute your own ideas and designs to the team. You must however adhere to a few certain guidelines in your builds that will be shown to you if you get the position. This is to maintain a consistent theme and design throughout the entire game. This is NOT a commissioned job. We are looking for someone to join the team full time.


  • Advanced with both Roblox Studio and a 3D rendering software (your choice!)
  • Proficient at the low/medium poly cartoon style (simulator esc low poly does not count!)
  • Ability to design maps, buildings, interiors, furniture and much more!
  • A creative mind with the ability to plan out ideas and present them in a professional manner to a team of developers
  • Maintain a consistent building style across the entire game
  • Contribute your own ideas to the team
  • Produce quality designs within a timely manner
  • Be able to keep workspace clean and tidy. All models/parts should be named appropriately and placed within folders to make navigation easy
  • Be able to take on board any feedback given and make changes to fit said feedback
  • Quick and timely communication skills! (going 24 hours without communication is unacceptable and will result in you losing the job. Don’t let it happen)

Good to have traits:

  • Experience working in a development team
  • How to texture meshes in a clean, resource friendly manner
  • Knowledge of lighting and how to use it to enhance the look of your builds
  • Experience with terrain (in particular water)
  • Be committed to what you are working on and committed to the project in the long term
  • Work from sketches/templates
  • Knowledge in constraints (in particular welds and hinges)


Payment can be done with either Robux or PayPal payments. As this game requires commitment, payment is paid out in increments, but can total anywhere upwards of 87,500 – 175,000 Robux (250-500 USD)! Exact numbers can be discussed on a per item basis. We are willing to go higher if we feel your skills show it.

Please note, I will NOT be sending any deposit/upfront payment. I don’t care how trusted you are in the community, I’ve had my time wasted and been ripped off too many times in the past. If you aren’t ok with this, then please don’t apply :slight_smile:

A 20% cut of the games earnings is also given after your work has been implemented into the game. This amount has the potential to increase to anywhere between 25-35% as more of your work is implemented

How to Apply [PLEASE READ!]

Applicants must preferably be over 18. This is to ensure they have more time to work on the project without school getting in the way. Exceptions can be made if your work is exceptional and stands out above other applicants.

Only looking at applicants who send a Private Message through the DevForums. Please DO NOT reply to this with your portfolio, as it will not be looked at. Being able to read is important and following the steps to applying properly and professionally increase your chances at selection. Feel free however to tag other developers you think could possibly be interested in the position. They will have to follow the same rules as above though to apply.

Please include in your message a link to either a portfolio or photos of your previous work. The more examples you have, the better

The Paradise Island Team | Twitter | Roblox

Paradise Island Lead Developer
NinjoOnline | Twitter | Roblox


I’m interested, 18 years but still go to school. I would like to be hired as modeler. Vukangeneral2002 | 3D Modeler [OPEN] - #9 by vukangeneral2002


Hi, I’m interested, I’m an entertainer. I know you didn’t ask for an entertainer, but I think you’ll need him on your team. Contact me at discord: ronald_YT # 4379

Hi, reading the application fully is very important to get hired :slight_smile:

Also your portfolio says you want

30% of the agreed sum of money before the Artist starts working on the commission

Once again, please read :slight_smile:

I tried to make them bold and clear

I don’t need 30% of sum as long as it’s sure that i’ll get paid if i work on the game

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