Parallel Luau crashes studio when used inside a plugin

I have a simple plugin that consists of a Actor a Script and a BindableEvent that is able to crash studio and prevents you from opening studio again


and the code inside the script is


if i change ConnectParallel to Connect then studio stops crashing

you can download this to see the plugins source code
PluginCrashStudio.rbxl (35.4 KB)

and you can download this and place into your plugin folder to see studio crash
Plugin.rbxmx (2.2 KB)

this plugin will prevent studio opening again you will need to manually go to
and delate Plugin.rbxmx in order to open studio again

this bug effects me because I’m currently making a plugin that dynamically runs code in modules using ConnectParallel and these modules are being written by the plugin users so I have no control over the code that is being written in the module and any kind of mistake in the module will make studio crash I think this needs to be posted into Studio Bugs - DevForum | Roblox but I don’t have permissions to post there


Thank you Roblox this bug has been fixed :slight_smile:

The bug has come back

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This bug has started again unfortunately but now also effects game scripts not just plugins
studio simply closes without any warnings

here is a demo project simply run the game to crash studio
Crash.rbxl (35.1 KB)

and this is all I have inside the project

Thank you Roblox this bug has been fixed :slight_smile: