Parallel Luau NPC Approaches

I’d like some clarification on how parallel luau can provide the best performance gains for maintaining large amounts of npc AIs. I’ve read up
as much as I can on the topic but still have some situation specific questions.

Previously, for a zombie game using large amounts of npcs with pathfinding logic AI, it was best to manage their movement with a single script rather than a script for each npc. With the addition of parallel luau, I have some npc approaches whose efficiency I’m unsure of. If you could explain the downside or upside of each situation I’d appreciate it.

  1. Creating an actor for each npc, with each npc containing a script.

I saw in a post that creating excess actors isn’t an issue because it allows for the work to be distributed well, but since we are still reusing the same code and just multithreading a bunch of times, does it really make it much better compared to serial execution?

  1. Create 4 actors to divide npc management up into small sections, with each actor containing one script to manage a quarter of the npcs.

If we divide up npc management and run each process parallel to each other, would that be more efficient than using one single script?

  1. Use a single script to manage all npcs, but run certain tasks within that script parallel.

This would prevent us from running the same code in different scripts, but we do have a lot more npcs to manage at once. Does running tasks parallel in this one script make up for the large amount of npcs we have to account for?