Parallel Luau seemingly Slowing down Game Startup Time


So While using Actors for Specific Pieces of Code, I tried testing the game with, and without them, and when first joining the game, Instead of maybe taking a few seconds to load in, it drops my frames down to at least 1 - 10 frames, and would take way longer to load in.

I Tried in a brand new place, and creating a Script (which little to nothing in it at all) using an Actor but it seems to make the loading Slower than Normal than using it without an Actor, all I would be doing is a simple print("Hello world"), and it would somehow be slower than Normal.

Why does this happen?

I don’t understand 90% of what’s written here but maybe the Documentation might help you find something

I tell you the truth what the person above (Dede_4242) wanted to say is that he must specify more or less that he is an actor, that is, explain it in an understandable way since when I see you it is always with advanced things or simply strange to me. also what are you trying to do because it is a mystery and this topic is a bit confusing

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But anyway, I found out what was wrong, I had an outdated driver, and after updating it, it works as normal.

Quite weird how one simple thing can cause a big Issue.

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