Parenting this mesh to workspace causes Studio/client to freeze up forever and allocate memory rapidly

Parenting this particular mesh to workspace (where it is rendered) causes Studio/client to freeze completely (no more render updates / nothing at all) and Studio/client will rapidly start allocating memory at a rate of 10-50MB/s. Rendering/gameplay never resumes from this state. The total memory used by the app shoots up to a few GB within a minute.

Presumably graphics/physics related? (lighting grid, physics grid updates?)

edit: I was told it is physics related.

How to reproduce:

The file:
Void.rbxm (35.5 KB)

Insert it into workspace on a new baseplate. Studio will immediately freeze up / crash.

Other information:

This broke the Egg Hunt 2018 for new players because we use this mesh for a visual effect in one of the introduction cutscenes. I have commented out the code that parents this mesh to workspace and that fixed the issue.

cc @woot3 if you need to know why we use this mesh or what the mesh is exactly, I personally did not create this mesh or the cutscene it is used in. I believe it is used to produce shadows without a visible part. It seems to be used for increasing Aymor’s shadow when he grows in the introduction cutscene.


I was told “freeze up forever” is actually inaccurate. It only causes a mere 216 trillion physics iterations…