Parfait Alliance Documentation

Parfait Alliance Document

About us: Parfait Cafe is one of the largest cafe groups on Roblox. We encourage a friendly and calm roleplay environment. Our goal is to give customers a memorable experience! We are an active cafe with frequent updates.

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If you are interested in forming an alliance with Parfait, then you will need to read our requirements, and application portion to alliance with us. If your group meets the requirements you may move onto the application section.

  • The group must have over 2000 non-botted members in order to alliance with Parfait.

  • There must be active staff and show substantial growth in the group.

  • The group needs to have a good reputation within the roblox community.

  • The group needs to be somewhat related to Parfait. So if it is something unrelated or off-topic, most likely we will not form a partnership with you.

  • The group must be willing to announce events that Parfait will be hosting if requested.

  • There must be 2 representatives.


If your group meets the requirements you may now move onto the application portion, for convince we ask you to create a Google Doc and put your responses there. Once you have finished applying send your application to Nxrthern_Lights or any Public Relations Officer. It will take up to 24 hours for your application to be reviewed and for results to be sent

  • What is the name of the group your representing? (Provide Group and Communications links)

  • How many members does the group have?

  • Why do you want to form an alliance with the Parfait?

  • Please describe your company, it’s goals, aspirations, and basically a good overall description about it.

  • How do you think your group can benefit Yummy’s?

  • If we do so want to form a partnership with you, please give us at least 2 people we can contact to inform them about this partnership?

If you have any questions or concerns fell free to inform a member the Public Relations Department.

Parfaits Public Relations Department
Please review our community guidelines for details.