Paris’ Handbook


“The adventure begins with tea.”:honeybee:


Paris’ Handbook was created with the objectives of guidelines, this is to enhance appropriateness of practice, improve the quality of cardiovascular care, lead to better patient outcomes, and improve the effectiveness of the environment, and care for our customers & staff to ensure the safety of those around.

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  • Greetings! Welcome to Paris’ Official Public Handbook! This handbook was created by our outstanding Leadership Team to inform community members about general procedures and protocols. Paris is a dim down peaceful place, founded in 2022 by TwoMovies. Paris’s joining the industry to provide customers with an exceptional TeaHouse experience. Our staff works diligently to create a tea that will have you coming back! Here at our TeaHouse, we treat everyone like family. We are an all-inclusive environment where you are allowed to be yourself. True happiness brings joy to us here in Paris, and fine dining starts here!

TERMS OF SERVICE II :sun_with_face:


Here at Paris’ TeaHouse, we have simple Terms Of Service to follow, if you’d like to know our policies and expectations please read below.

  • Advertising
    Advertising is utterly prohibited here in Paris’. If you are caught advertising, it will result in an automatic ban with no warnings handed out. This includes advertising in-game, or DMing someone in the communication discord server. However, you may always advertise anything related to Paris’on any Paris platform.

  • Dress Code
    As a member of the Paris community, it is vital that you have clothing that is appropriate for all members to view. If you are wearing clothes that are perceived as inappropriate, you will be dealt with accordingly by an admin. As a member of the staff team, you are required to wear appropriate outfitting when necessary. If you do not wear the appropriate uniform in the appropriate places as an admin, you will be demoted for violating our dress code.

  • Drama
    Paris’ doesn’t support any kind of drama. Please refrain from causing or starting any controversy. Unnecessary arguments will be asked to be brought into DMs or you will all receive consequences. The consequential outcome will correspond to how unacceptable the issue was

  • Attitude
    Make sure you have a friendly attitude here at Paris. We would also like you to have a family-friendly attitude and a positive one. As a staff member, we recommend you help a customer when they need it and make sure to introduce yourself to them. Invite friends and make sure to have the best positive, friendly, helpful, and caring attitude. On the off chance that you are to get into an argument with somebody, please handle the circumstance properly, without acting immaturely. We want everyone to be respectful to people within Paris’ community. Regardless of the case, please stay aware of kindred staff individuals and clients.

  • Respect
    All Paris community members are expected to treat everyone with their utmost respect. Every person to enter the server and/or TeaHouse should be able to feel comfortable in their surroundings. Any user who fails to do so will be given a severe consequence.

  • Personal Information
    Please do not ask others at any premises for their personal information, such as their age, school, location, phone number, passwords, etc. This provides discomfort for many individuals, as not everyone is inclined to share their personal information.

  • Exploiting
    If you decide to exploit, it is an automatic permanent ban. If there happens to be no HR or MR in the server when you’re exploiting, an LR or customer can simply take a screenshot or video of your acts and send it to a higher rank. Either way, you Will be banned. Therefore, we suggest that you do not exploit and/or hack.



Paris is exhilarated to have anyone express interest in allying with us. Alliances play an important role in the success and flourishment of Paris. These partnerships are a collaboration of many different companies and industries. We only expect the best of the best to become our allies, and both parties should be benefiting each other. Alliances should be earned through a great application and an amazing group. In this section, you will be directed to our requirements for partnerships and then our application questions.


  • Your group must be professional and have a good reputation within ROBLOX.

  • Your group must be willing to announce any events Paris’ may be hosting.

  • The group must have no past records of scamming, free ranking, selling ranks, etc.

  • The group must be based on the service industry.


  • What is your group name and how many members does it have?

  • Why have you decided to apply for an alliance?

  • How can you benefit Paris’?

  • What makes your group unique from other groups in your industry?

  • Name two representatives that we can contact.

Thank you for taking an interest in allying with us. Once the application is completed, message an individual in our Communications Department. To let you know that, the results will be sent to you within 48 hours. If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns regarding alliances, feel free to DM any individual in our Relations Department! We wish you the best of luck!



Recently Paris’ has received multiple of the same questions, which can be answered here. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to direct message any leadership department user! They should be able to assist you with your query.

  • Q: How do I get promoted from Beginner Tea Sommelier?

A: After receiving the Beginner Tea Sommelier role, we encourage you to attend one of our training sessions, which will teach you how to perform as a staff member here. The session schedule can be found on our Communications server.

  • Q: How can I form a partnership with Paris’?

A: We have an affiliate document that goes over what we expect from fellow affiliates, as well as the application that’s open 24/7. Or you’re able to get in contact with a Paris Relations Coordinator and inform them of the application on the page above.

  • Q: How do I get MR/HR?

A: You’re able to obtain an MR position by working hard at our TeaHouse and being active. Our Middle Ranked Team is always looking for new individuals to join our staff team!

  • Q: What is Paris’ TeaHouse?

A: Paris’ TeaHouse was founded in 2022 by TwoMovies and was kept up-to-date until this very day. We serve fantastic tea-based drinks made with love.

  • Q: Do you allow users with safe chat?

A: The answer is no. The simple reasoning behind this is that people with safe chat are very often hard to understand. We need staff members who will be able to communicate thoroughly with others.



Paris’ always gets asked what ranks are about and what they do, so we’ve come up with this to inform those people what they are and what they can and cannot do. We will be starting from the very bottom and getting towards the top.

  • Customer
    The Customers of Paris’ have a right to wander around the premises freely. However they are required to follow orders when requested, This role is able to fill up to an unlimited amount, however, the people in the role are the main key to Paris’ success.

  • Prominent Customer
    The Prominent Customers of Paris’ have a right to wander around the premises freely. Also, they are on the priority list for an official job. This doesn’t give them any pass on the rules of Paris’. This role is able to fill up to an unlimited amount, however, the people in the role are the main key to Paris’ success.

  • Business Partner
    The members in this role are official representatives of Paris’ partnerships. They are not to be disrespected by any members of Paris’. They may only be told by the Higher ranks of Paris due to the risk of losing an official partnership, The member who has told one of these members will be dismissed without warning. Due to removing an official asset of Paris’ resources. This role is able to fill up to an unlimited amount.

  • Beginner Tea Sommelier
    As a Beginner, you are the newest member of Paris’ Low-Rank team, you can work behind the counter. In order to get this position, you must pass an application. This role is able to fill up to an unlimited amount.

  • Junior Tea Sommelier
    As a Junior Tea Sommelier, you just passed a Training Session and were ranked up to this rank, you are still learning the basics. In order to get ranked to the next rank, you must attend a Training Session. This role is able to fill up to an unlimited amount. This role can fill up to an amount of unlimited.

  • Intermediate Tea Sommelier
    As an Intermediate Tea Sommelier you know the basics of Paris, however, you know more than a beginner. In order to get ranked to the next rank, you must attend a Training Session. This role is able to fill up to an unlimited amount. This role can fill up to an amount of unlimited.

  • Skilled Tea Sommelier
    As a Skilled Tea Sommelier, you are the head of the kitchen, responsible for the TeaHouse beginners, juniors, and intermediate Tea Sommeliers to not make mistakes, and to be helped when needed. In order to get ranked to the next rank, you are to be noticed for your hard work and ethics. This role is able to fill up to an unlimited amount. This role can fill up to an amount of unlimited.

  • Management Intern
    As a Management Intern, you direct other employees through their daily routines and interact with customers to make sure that they have a satisfactory experience. You, as a Management Intern acts as quality control, ensuring customer satisfaction through training employees properly and adhering to company policy. This role can fill up to an amount of 20.

  • Kitchen Supervisor
    As a Kitchen Supervisor, you generally help the manager keep the TeaHouse running smoothly by taking on some managerial tasks, such as overseeing employees or providing customer service. The main responsibility of a Kitchen Supervisor is to act in the role of a manager in the manager’s absence. This role can fill up to an amount of 20.

  • Assistant Manager
    As the Assistant Manager, you’re tasked with making sure the TeaHouse is running smoothly! You manage the well-working staff at the TeaHouse and oversee the customers and make sure they’re having a fantastic time! This role can fill up to an amount of 16.

  • General Manager
    The General Manager is the person in charge of employees and the facilities they work for. As a General Manager member, your job is to plan and promote the daily schedule for the employees to make sure they’re on schedule once you’re done, your report to the Relations Coordinator in the company. This role is able to fill up to an amount of 15.

  • Corporate Associate
    As a Corporate Associate, you are responsible for setting an example to the lower ranks. You are the baseline for becoming a High ranking member! Your main job is to help out the ranks lower than this one, making sure that everyone gets long. Assisting the other ranks with this job and problems. This role is able to fill up to an amount of 14.

  • Employment Coordinator
    The Employment Coordinator prioritizes and manages company resources in order to meet goals and objectives. This includes both material and personnel resources, with operations officers often hiring, firing, motivating, and training staff. This role is able to fill up to an amount of 5.

  • Public Relations Coordinator
    The Public Relations Coordinator is responsible for managing the reputation of a company. You’ll manage to find potential alliances, and also assist with the community and all of the main public events. Your job could include planning recruitment events or suggestions for the public. This role is able to fill up to an amount of 7.

  • Operating Coordinator
    The Operating Coordinator performs a variety of resource management and strategic planning tasks to ensure the organization is adequately staffed and supplied. Their responsibilities could include. The processing of hours to ensure casual workers are managed correctly. This role is able to fill up to an amount of 5.

  • Marketing Coordinator
    A Marketing Coordinator develops, coordinates, and executes marketing campaigns. They collect data about target demographics and analyze market trends to improve Paris’ marketing efforts. This role is able to fill up to an amount of 7.

  • Event Coordinator
    An Event Coordinator is responsible for all the little details, making sure that the plan will work properly. An event coordinator assists the higher ranks and handles countless tasks.
    This role is able to fill up to an amount of 5.

  • Technology Coordinator
    A Technology Coordinator is responsible for maintaining Paris’ technology systems infrastructure, ensuring the efficiency of systems to meet project deliverables, and preventing delays in business operations. This role is able to fill up to an amount of 5.

  • Board of Directors
    In general, the board makes decisions as a fiduciary on behalf of the Leadership Team. In addition to those duties, a board of directors is responsible for helping a corporation set broad goals, supporting executive duties, and ensuring the company has adequate, well-managed resources at its disposal. This role is able to fill up to an amount of 6.

  • Presidential Intern
    As Presidential Intern you are an intern for both the companies Vice President and President, your job is to oversee lower ranks and handle Paris’ paperwork and assist with events.

  • Vice President
    The Vice President is responsible for assisting the President in any way they can. They are responsible for the team as a whole, and they make sure everyone is active. They are able to command any assets of Paris and are able to give a presidential pardon. This means a convicted member of Paris’ that has disobeyed our rules is able to stay at Paris’.

  • President
    The President is an executive elected individual who is responsible for presiding overboard or committee meetings. The President ensures that meetings run smoothly and remain orderly and works at achieving a consensus on board decisions. They are able to command any asset they wish, they can also grant any pardon they wish.

CONCLUSION VI :sunflower:


Thank you very much for reading this handbook, if you have any questions or concerns, please DM an MR+, and they will be more than happy to assist you in any need/concern
you might have.

Yours sincerely,
Paris’ Leadership Management