Parisian Buildings Showcase

currently doing commissions for a french group
commissions are open but I won’t be doing any long term stuff unless I get paid a lot.


WOW. Now that is next-level building right there! You are a very talented builder! keep up the amazing work! :star_struck:


I almost mistook those buildings for real life, that is some really impressive work! Will we ever have a link to the showcase?


Those builds are really high quality! The only thing I could really only suggest is probably filling up the blank spaces in front of the building, but other than that it looks awesome!


The building looks AMAZING! Good work.

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This looks phenomenal, I could stare at it for hours, jeez. Nice job!

AMAZING JOB! The quality and detail you’ve put into this really is AMAZING! Keep up with the great work and good luck! :coefficients:

I thought it was a photo at first, phenomenal