Parking Brake using VehicleSeat Chassis


I currently have a game which uses the main VehicleSeat Chassis (with a few edits in terms of design to make it look modern)

I was basically wondering how to replicate “parking brake/handbrake” functionality with a chassis like this - mainly slowing down quicker, and if possible (not 100% needed), drifting. Currently, the braking by reversing feature that Roblox uses (Throttle = -1) is quite slow.

I tried changing the Surface Types of the wheels to prevent them from spinning in a sense, it kind of works however I was wondering if there was a better solution to this.

Also, as extra, I was looking at creating chassis with the new Constraints, if anyone knows, how would you do it with those too [not required]?

EDIT: Apparently changing surface type no longer actually works - both on server and on client, used to work a few days ago :man_shrugging:



take a look at my open sourced chassis which uses constraints [Update] Constraint Chassis



Thank you for your contribution! Does this chassis have a parking brake/handbrake functionality - I already have a new constraints chassis set up, I’m just looking at ways to create this “emergency brake” type system to slow down quickly - and maybe later incorporate drifting



It does not have that functionality but you can try and do it yourself by setting the hinge constraint’s angularvelocity to 0 and setting the torque to a high value (higher the value the faster you brake) you can achieve your goal with a few if statements



For implementing a handbrake, you could try setting the seat’s torque or steering power to a low value (to simulate impeded driving control) and then set the chasis’ density to a high value to make the car instantly (or gradually, depending on the mass) slow down.

For drifting, you could try setting the car wheel’s friction to a low value (for less traction) or add a BodyForce to the chasis to lighten its load and make it carry farther.

Both of these methods can be implemented into the same handbrake system with a bit of tweaking to get the results you want.



I tested out setting the density of every wheel of the car before, it stopped acceleration, however the deceleration was quite slow - pretty much the same as the brake used in the basic Vehicle Chassis

I’ll try this out again, and test out those recommendations you said about torque



Another method you could try is increasing wheel friction + wheel Density whilst decreasing torque and (not turnpower, to keep our ability to control the car). This should give you the effect of a near instant deceleration, as well as a slower speed while preserving maneuverability.

So essentially having a high traction as well as high density should keep the car from sliding as long the the wheels are made heavy enough.

Alternatively, for the sole purpose of stopping the car you could add a BodyVelocity to the chasis with a high MaxForce (to slow down the car) but set the BodyVelocity’s Velocity to 0,0,0. This add a “parachute” like effect, while keeping the BodyVelocity from adversely turning or driving your car.

Good Luck!