Parkour minigames WIP

I wanted to share my progress on my project I’ve been working on for 2 days so far, it’s going to be minigames orientated around parkour. So far I’ve coded a framework that allows me to add different gamemodes with ease, I have also been working on map voting. As this is a solo project I have also been experimenting with building and I think it’s turned out quite nicely. I want to add something unique and I have ideas for different boosters and perks that I will implement later. Please share any opinions you have.






Hey there! Great job you’ve done on the map! I’ll give you some ideas on what you can add.

  • You could add some environment around the map, like a city, or a forest.

  • You should make a big building where you can parkour to the top (from the inside) and get a reward (ex. coins).

Have a good day!
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Will do! When I have time I’ll create more maps

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Only tip I give you is to possibly add more detail and more unique areas/buildings maybe!

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I’ll try, it’s my first time building a map tbh.