"Part Aligning" Feature

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to fully and precisely align parts with other parts. I know the position value can be typed in manually, but in some cases, there are floating point errors (which can make a difference) or part shiftings. I have a few developers on my game’s team who made assets for me, but I find a lot of their stuff is off-centered or not symmetrical (when it’s supposed to be).

If Roblox is able to address this issue, I’d suggest adding an Align tool or feature/button in Studio, similar to the one in Autodesk 3DS Max (or similar software), that way parts/unions/meshes/whatever can be aligned on-the-fly and without having to manually type in the same position each time, as this would increase workflow and efficiency.

I have included visuals at the bottom for a better understanding.

Figure 1 - I inserted a new part from the object menu and placed it on top of the roof of my train, which is at 0 on the X axis… It is not aligned, as seen in the next images (Figure 2 & Figure 3).

Figure 2 - The new part is at -0.05 on the X axis. I know I could’ve activated the grid spacing to 0.05, but that is almost the same amount of clicking and changing as manually adjusting.

Figure 3 - Upper view.

Figure 4 - If an align tool existed, it would be centered with about two clicks (the part is already selected, user selects align tool, then clicks the neighboring part they want to align it with.


If needed for clarification, I can make more visuals.

In the meantime there is a plugin for this

but roblox should certainly convert some building plugins into features


That’s not what I meant. I do use that, but that’s for aligning part edges with other part edges, not aligning whole parts with other whole parts at once.

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