Part Disapears When Loading Into My Game

I Am Currently Designing A Main Menu For My Game That When You Join Will Set The Current Camera’s CFrame To a Part Called “MenuCam”'s CFrame.

Upon Joining The Game I Receive The Error Infinite yield possible on ‘Workspace:WaitForChild(“MenuCam”)’ and the MenuCam Part Has Disapeared.

Archivable is true, anchored and cancollide
Is there anything I could have done wrong?


I figured out that it is because the game hasnt rendered it because the player spawns too far away

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Could you provide some video? Maybe Run it (specifically the Run button) and instantly check the workspace’s children.

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So it’s a distance rendering thing? You might want to use WaitForChild just in case.

Yeah ignore that, it’s a rendering distance thing. It’s just warning that the thingy may not load cuz of it.

Yeah, I’m not EXACTLY sure how Roblox’s content streaming works but it seems like if you have it on; the parts won’t physically be on the client (unless it’s not on the server either which is kinda strange :sweat_smile:).

Turn off StreamingEnabled, or use RequestStreamAroundAsync.

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