Part editing tool's dragging handles should be closer to part center

Howdy ; First off this is my very first suggestion on the RBXDev forums and I am sorry for my spelling mistakes and bad grammar , but it’s not my fault it’s the fault of the german education system .

So the Improvements that the Part moving tool needs are best to explain with telling ist current difficulty :

I am building replications of weapon models since nearly two years from now , and I always build my stuff in its desired original size ->So I nearly always work with part sizes lower than 0.2 studs .
Which leads to the problem that once I zoom in far enough to precisely move the part , its Moving handles are simply too far away from the parts center so I cannot drag them >-< : like seen in this pic :

Solution : It would utterly help if the Moving tool dragging handles get closer to the parts center when zooming in that close to a part and also get slightly shorter :

->Furthermore : Indeed i forgot to mention that actually all dragging handles of the three basic building tools need this Fix !

Also there is another exactly opposite problem : When zooming very far out and or working with part sizes higher than 200 ; the dragging handles
->Especially the handles of the rotate and resize tool are too far away from the object and often way too small to click them .

This results in annoying searches for the handles and in accidents like dragging a part instead of resizing it …why ever the resize tool has a built in dragger function ?? ;
Cause it’s dragging function was never ever even somehow useful !


Definietly useful. The handle distance should be proportional to the scale of the model.


This would be very helpful for building!


Yes, please.


Support, this would definitely make working in tight spaces or on detailed models a lot easier.


That’s a great suggestions! 100% support! :smiley:


This has to be thing!

what about the selection boxes though? They annoy the heck out of me. It’d be nice if you could edit the selectionbox thickness.


or even better if they get transparent when zooming closer in …or a button to hide them ?


or an API for plugins to hide them to cover everyone’s use cases


iam sorry to bring this post back to life ; but this issues still exists and is only getting worse now that the minimum part size got lowered …