Part Grabber using Roblox Physics

Hello viewers! I made this cool part grabber for my game. Please leave some feedback below on what you think of it!


I really like this and how you can throw the blocks, it is kind of weird how the part is just infront of your face but I’d assume not everyone would be playing in first person anyway but overall great job!


This is really cool! It looks like something out of GMOD or portal! I think a good way to make this feel nice is to maybe put a beam from the player to the part so it looks like you have something grabbing and because i play wayy too much gmod

This is super cool and the fact you can throw the block as well! That is amazing! Its a super cool creation and I cant wait to see how you intend to use it! Overall super good system!

Do you know how to make a ragdoll grabber, where they aren’t picking up an object, but holding on to?