Part Invisible In Roblox Studio

There Is A Part that is visible in a game and people spawn on it when they join the game for the first time but it’s invisible in Roblox Studio and i can’t delete it please help.

May you please send a video of this happening as it appears you are flying in the picture.
Do you have a spawn placed?

You could try and see if there’s a script spawning it. Try searching for and see if anything shows up that may be spawning that.

Yes i have spawn place and i can’t record videos because my internet is bad

They’re flying from the admin commands as seen in the picture
Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 12.31.44
I’m assuming the reason for that is to take a clearer picture of the issue.

Okay thank you, I’m assuming he’s talking about this part

Yeah i am talking about that part

The whole game is made with parts i tried to find it but i can’t

Run test mode in roblox studio, select the part from there and find its origin

Click on the part and press delete.

The problem is the part appears only in game, she’s trying to figure out how to find the part

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I Found it.Thanks you so much.

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Yeah i do that but i didn’t inserted this part it randomly spawned for no reason and now i checked there are like 50 of the same parts with spawn points,mesh and other things and i needed to delete all of them

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