Part is animatable in the editor, but doesn't show up

I can move the parts of the turret by clicking on the part and moving it, but they don’t appear as keyframes, and trying to add them to the rig doesn’t work. They still animate as normal though.

Do they have Motor6Ds?

If not (or if they do and it still isn’t showing up), then you might want to use an animation plugin (like Moon Animator) or import an animation from another program like Blender.

It may be possible due to the conflict between joints and welds inside your object.

Here’s a similar problem: Animation Editor: Keyframes not visible for custom rigs - #4 by JollySunbro6

I don’t understand what your point is, all of them have flaws.

Moon Animator in my own personal opinion doesn’t really work well with animating objects in experiences, it fits better to animating videos or something like that.
Blender is too much for beginners, they need to try Roblox Studio’s Animating tools and how to build proper hierarchy of character’s custom rigs and then after understand it, it’d be for the best for them to learn slowly Blender to some extent.

Okay thanks, after following the steps here the problem has been fixed.

So they shouldn’t use Blender, but they should use Blender, but slowly then?

My point here is that the solution to a bug isn’t to switch off to a different one.

A lot of developers on the platform need time to learn how to do things step-by-step, having them encounter a bug at such an early stage and just encouraged to not solve the issue but rather move onto a different program is just poor solution and no learned education to solving these kinds of flaws in their own process.

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