Part just disappearing from Replicated Storage

So i have a part in ReplicatedStorage that im supposed to access in a script, normal right? Well that part just decided it wants to not be in ReplicatedStorage everytime I start the game.


(Dont worry about the model one, has nothing to do with anything)


Yeah so if anyone know why please lmk. Imma probably seem dumb once i find the solution lol

Probably because one of your script changed it’s parent without cloning the object.


Unfortunately this is not whats happening I have already searched through all my scripts for the EnergyBlast and I just checked again. The only spot we are using it is cloning and the script isn’t even getting there yet because it cant access the model.

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Try disabling the scripts and check if it still dissapears, mabye you just missed a line of code. This will make it way easier to find which script is doing that

Just tested it, still disappeared.

Its definitely not any scripts and the reason i know this is not just by checking the scripts themselves but when i use the model version, a older, uglier version, it doesn’t disappear.

Weird, are you sure there aren’t any scripts inside of it? Try renaming it or putting it in a folder to change its path, if it still does that, im not sure what could be happening.

No scripts inside the model, and would you look at that it does also disappear in the workspace. Renaming didnt stop it either :frowning:

No idea then, im pretty stupid myself so i don’t know how nor ever saw something like this. Try submitting it to the bugs section or just wait for someone with more experience to reply

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No problem, thanks for your time. Yeah i’ve been developing on roblox for 3 1/2 years and haven’t run into this exact problem before.

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Well this just got even weirded. I saved the file, closed it, re opened it and now its just uh, gone.

im no expert but its probably corrupted or something

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Does the same thing happen even after restarting? Also idk what object is that, but make sure it doesn’t have bugs or some sort of mesh problem

Well it was gone so i remade it and now it’s not disappearing. I guess it was like a ghost to roblox or smth.

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