Part mirror as real life


I would like to know how do I script to make the part with mirror like real life even though as transparency and reflectance.

Here is a game that is owned by someone:


Here’s a script made by @boatbomber which may be useful!

Hope I helped! :herb:


Isn’t working, I didn’t mess anything I tried to fly with Adonis admin but not happens and it lags bit.

These are really tough, and can never be perfect. I think what they basically do is just record the position the character is in, and flip it animating it and stuff. They would also have to put all the accessories and clothes on it to. Still some accessories on mirror games sometimes can get messed up and be far away from the body.

Well, I tried walking around, stepped any tiny parts, but nothing appears anywhere.

They create copies of everything on one side of the “mirror” which is really a translucent part and flip their orientation and place them on the other side. Perhaps this place illustrates what is happening a bit better.

Well, I’ve never seen a mirror before, but, here’s an idea. There’s a cool open sourced teleport game (will link if I find it), that utilizes view ports to make a portal. Why not use viewports on your mirrors surface, and invert everything in the viewport. Then it could truly be an accurate reflection.

@EgoMoose Did you create any resources for this?

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Yes, check this thread. The discussion is still ongoing.

Playing the game OP linked I’m pretty sure they aren’t using viewport frames. Rather they are just cloning and reflecting the world against the part. It tends to look better and be more performant assuming you have the physical space do it.

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The mirror should be like real life if possible, left arm is up so mirror should be same like to have a right arm up. When you rotate arm, a mirror does the same. So, I would like to script them like that, but I need help.

The reason mine is wrong in that regard is because I’m using animations (if I recall correctly). But you could easily skip that and replicate the parts/motors individually.

How? But, from the start. It’s copylocked.

I believe he told you how, already.

There’s also Commander’s suggestion, which is to use ViewportFrames.

I know he told me, but I still need help about it. xD

Which part confuses you?
You need to specify which part you don’t understand so that we can help.

From begin, I’m still not good at it. xD

You could try and make a viewport frame in a surfacegui on the mirror, and put a camera facing the opposite direction.

Could you show me? Like mini video, etc.

Thanks. That’s the one I was looking for.

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