Part Not Being Deleted From Explorer

Alright so I am trying to build something and when I delete a part, it’s still in the explorer. I pressed F to go to that part, but it doesn’t go to that part. When I click on it in the explorer and click on another part, I just select them both without pressing ctrl or shift. When I also try to delete it, there is no option, it’s only rename. Here’s some screenshots.

Here’s another one when I try to select another part.

If anyone can help me then thank you.

(Also I don’t know if this is in the right category)


Try the following:
Uninstall then re-install Roblox Studio.

If this does not work please let me know. :slight_smile:

Edit: The parts you have selected are still in-game (In your screenshot) as they are highlighted blue and you didn’t actually delete them.

Ah, instead it just deleted everything. But it’s alright, no worries!

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Or you just need to wait ,the parts are ben deleted but it is still in explore beacause of loading error or internet.

Maybe, but it took a long long and it wasn’t being deleted yet.

Oh then it is not it but this happened to me and I waited and work but it is not your case.