Part not increasing in size with if statement

Hi there, I am trying to make a part increase in size up to a point where it then decreases in size down to a point when it increases in size, vice versa. The issue is, is that I’ve used if statements to see if the value/size of the part is greater than or less than which doesn’t work and the part stays the same size. I do not have any other attempt than the script provided below.

local rs = game:GetService('RunService')
local part ="Part",workspace)
local value = 0

part.Shape = Enum.PartType.Ball
part.Material = Enum.Material.Neon
part.Size =,1,1)
part.Anchored = true

	if value < 1 then
		value += 2*deltaTime
		part.Size =,value,value)
	elseif value > 100 then
		value -= 2*deltaTime
		part.Size =,value,value)

Value shouldn’t be less than 1, it should be less than 100. The reason for this is because the value will become greater than 1 and the script will instantly stop.

Oh my bad, thank you!