Part of my skinned mesh keeps disappearing upon playing

I’m currently creating a game using skinned meshes, and something keeps on happening, which is starting to frustrate me.

The issue I have is, upon playing/testing the game in studio, a part of the mesh keeps disappearing, and I have no clue what’s going on with it.

I tried to Re-import said mesh, but that didn’t help and it just did the same thing.



If you plan on animating the character, make sure all the mesh parts are welded correctly with all the joints and stuff. If you are not planning on animating the character or making it move, then simply anchor all the mesh parts in the model.

If you made this in a 3D Modeling software like Blender, then make sure all your welds, bones, etc. are all there. If you got the model from somewhere online, then you might have to rig the character yourself.

Here is a video on the process of making a custom character: CUSTOM CHARACTERS - How to create, rig and animate - YouTube

I just found out why it’s doing that, Apparently it keeps getting moderated for whatever reason