Part Placement System

I know its not the prettiest yet and it still has bugs with the two parts that tween in to make the whole part when rotated on the Y and Z axis, but it’s what I would consider a “major” project that can go somewhere and that I am proud of.


Menu functionality is very nice, animations are eh, maybe change how it disappears before popping out of the floor, or maybe removing it coming out of the floor (or the combining animation.) in general.

edit: yeah not too sure why there is too animations

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It looks very nice! Don’t want to be intruding, but what are your plans with this system? :slight_smile:

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Hey, my plans for the system are just to make it look decent and fix the bugs you see. I’ve recently created new sliders that are actually my own and don’t use any external modules, so I’m excited to see how I can implement those into it. I was also thinking maybe to use this as a live F3X because it has animations.

For sure, I agree on all the points you made, and I am going to probably work on it some more. As for the menu I need some way to make it a bit smaller - something like a textbox even though that kind of takes away the point I wanted to make with it.