Part Scaler Plugin - Incremental Scaling

Hello, I’m WindingTheRopes. I’ve created this plugin called Part scaler to add a few scaling features to Roblox Studio, like equal scaling and scaling by axis all with the press of a button.

Features include:

Equal Incrementing
Use the increment textbox and press scale to scale your part equally accross all axis by the entered increment.
Per Axis Incrementing
Part scaler allows you to scale a plugin with 3 different increments, increments per access. Press the Increment By Axis button to turn this on, and change the values of the axis checkboxes to scale specifically by axis on the click of the scale button.
Addition or Subtraction
Choose to grow the shape or shrink it.

You can now drag around the window by dragging any empty area of the window.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please send them below!

Here’s the plugin: