Part Sounds for ambience (torch, waterfalls, etc)

Recently I had my regional sounds bug out and stop working correctly. I think I have too many.

I am trying to come up with a better way to make sounds for parts, (like torches, waterfalls, etc).

I am leaning towards using a sound part with this script inside.


My questions is, should I use local scripts. Or scripts for something like this? Will a local script only play the sound for each player? and will that be less work for the server? Or should I still with a regular script?

Or do you guys know a better way to handle ambient sounds.


If you play a sound on a local script then yes, it will only play sound for the player and no other user will hear it. If you want local ambience then a local script is probably the right choice, but the audio may not sync up with other users.

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It’ll put less stress on the server if you were to handle sounds from local scripts but as the previous post suggested, sync issues would be present (sounds playing at different times for different players, even if they are in close vicinity of one another). If the sounds are broken currently, try to reduce the amount which are used and/or the distance they travel for.

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Thanks both of you. I will try to only use regional sounds for a few things and local scripts for ambient sounds. It should be alright if waterfalls, fires, etc don’t sync up with other players.Its just for immersion.

I tried putting a local script in the part and did it exactly the same as a regular script, but it does not play any sounds.