Part spawning incorrectly

I made a function that spawns a casing for my assault rifle, i have done this hundreds of times before but its just refusing to work.


local function MakeCasing()
	local Bullet = game.ReplicatedStorage.Assets["7.62"]:Clone()
	Bullet.Parent = game.Workspace
	Bullet.CFrame = Bullet.CFrame:ToObjectSpace(Gun.Eject.CFrame)
	Bullet.Velocity =,50,0)
	game.Debris:AddItem(Bullet, 5)

So it spawns 100% ok until I move, once the player moves the casing spawns in the void or in another position. I don’t understand as when I print both values they are the same CFrame. But one is in the void and the other is not.


I have checked if the part was welded and it is, i know that is not the problem. Any tips?

Maybe try making the Bullet.Parent after game.Debris:AddItem?

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