Part stays in air after being unanchored?

I have no clue why this part won’t fall.

it’s a union.

I CFrame it, then unanchor it. But it still stays in the air and i have no clue why.

It has an attachment, fire and smoke for children.

There are joints such as a Weld or a Motor6D that may influence it being put in the air, but this is likely a network ownership problem. There are plenty of posts that discuss network ownership.

See the following:
Network ownership for beginners - How to handle physics on the client - Resources / Community Tutorials - DevForum | Roblox

Network Ownership (

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Messing with a parts CFrame will cancel physics with the part/model.


I don’t think that’s the issue. The script is on a local script but im using a remote event for :FireServer

Is there any way to override this or go around it?

I don’t think that there is, I had this problem with something that I was making, and I had to use BodyMovers such as BodyGyro and BodyForce. You could also just use TweenService or Lerp it.