Part streaming failing to load in certain parts

Players in my game are experiencing a client-sided Roblox bug where certain parts fail to load in via part streaming.

It is confirmed that this is client side (part streaming is client side, anyway) as other players in the same server do not experience the same issue.

The parts make up train tracks in the game. The parts seem to fail to load in a way that groups them into a section. However, the parts themselves are not all grouped into the same model. This causes a gap in the parts loaded.

The issue occurs in multiple games, linked below:

As for reproducing this bug, there is no way to force this issue to occur as the cause is unknown. Players experience it randomly while playing and it does not always occur.

Screenshots from players in the games (a train simulator):


When did this issue start occurring? Can you share any more details? Are you creating the track dynamically, or modifying it dynamically? Or is it in the place file and unchanging?

Some questions on top of what CorvusCoraxx requested:

  • Are all the parts of your roads (the ones disappearing) individually anchored objects
  • Or are the parts welded to their neighbors?

The issue started occurring in late August. The parts being affected are there at the start of the game (in the place file) and is not being altered by any scripts.

They’re all anchored. There are no welds involved.

Are you storing parts under parts by any chance? Something like:

Workspace ← Part1 ← Model ← Part2

Would you be able to share any place files for us to test with? Perhaps a reduced placefile with some train tracks?

When these missing parts happen do they eventually show up, or are they permanently missing? Do the players reporting these problems still have a good connection to the server when this happens?

It appears you aren’t using streaming pause in your game. Do you have anything in place to prevent the players from driving the trains faster than streaming can keep up? A user on a bad connection may be able to drive beyond the streamed in area.

No, the parts are grouped normally.
Is there a way I can share the place file separately? I don’t want it to be accessible to the public for them to use.

I’ll investigate that and reply with the information when I get it.
Would streaming lagging behind cause a sudden hole in part loading?

If you are willing to share a place file with us you can send it to me via private message.

The timing and order of when different parts are sent to the client may not be intuitive when watching it happen. Something far away could be streamed in before a closer section of track if it happened to be joined to nearby parts in some way. I noticed some small sections of track loading in late when I was testing, although I didn’t see the main rails missing like in those screenshots.

Hello. Sorry to bother, but I have bad news. The same, or a similar, bug has arisen and is now affecting our games and players.


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We’ve just made a change intended to resolve this. Please let us know if this is continuing to occur.

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It appears to be resolved. I will make a follow-up post if it appears again. Thanks!

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