Part Sweeper - Keep your parts tidy, and anchored

:tada: Introducing PartSweeper

PartSweeper is a powerful plugin designed to simplify and streamline the management of unanchored parts, anchored parts, parts with the same name, and duplicates in your Roblox project.

:mag: With this plugin, you can quickly and easily identify unanchored parts in your project, which can often be overlooked during development. NOTE: Parts inside a humanoid model will not be selected, so that they may be animated.

:anchor: Anchoring Made Easy

:link: Once you have identified the unanchored parts, PartSweeper enables you to easily anchor them, ensuring that they behave as expected and are not accidentally deleted or moved during development.

:abc: Managing Parts with the Same Name

:mag: Additionally, the plugin can help you identify parts with the same name, making it easier to manage and organize your project.

:wastebasket: Removing Duplicate Parts

:put_litter_in_its_place: Finally, PartSweeper can identify duplicate parts, allowing you to remove them and keep your project organized and efficient.

:muscle: Experience the Power of PartSweeper

:robot: With its intuitive interface and powerful functionality, PartSweeper is a must-have plugin for any developer looking to streamline their workflow and ensure the smooth operation of their projects.

Try PartSweeper today and see the difference it can make for your development process! :wrench:

:link: Part Sweeper - Roblox

:question: If you have any feature suggestions, feel free to reply! :speech_balloon:


looks dope, i’m sure this’ll be very useful for many people, especially @mutrix


to be clear, i have no need for this as i am always “tidy, and anchored”, but some people like @mutrix might


What a fantastic plugin. There are so many potential uses for this great plugin. It is truly a wonder of engineering and will surely be someday heralded by our grandchildren and their grandchildren as the pinnacle of human achievement in the development of the metaverse. I’m so excited to try out a new 100% ORIGINAL plugin from the great eiiphant. I’m sure that if ANYBODY were to contribute EVEN A SINGLE LINE OF CODE to this plugin that person would DEFINITELY BE ATTRIBUTED with a small notice somewhere. /j


yes thank you @GeneralBrasch for co authoring this plugin

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Kind of pointless because of this, but still sounds like a great plugin and looks pretty well polished, and besides that update doesn’t give you the ability to find duplicate parts, good job!

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only thing the update doesnt have is the duplicate parts, everything else is now built in

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Oh thank you Mr TactBacon for recommending this amazing plugin, will help me a lot with my anchor problems.

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Oh wow! This is really cool! I’d love to see more features

Suggestion: add a option that you can select a certain instance to get its descendants, that would be very useful (ex: only touch parts that are inside of a model)

Thanks! The select duplicates will help a lot! I don’t know why but the plugin called remove duplicates is not working anymore like it used to do. I will use this one instead of that one.

Good suggestion! Will possibly add this once I get some free time.

um could you add a feature where if player.Name == @mutrix then it automatically runs all the commands available? also add a print(“The creator of this plugin thanks @GeneralBrasch for his contributions”) whenever you open the plugin??

Solid sales pitch. Though why did you italicize the list of features in the first paragraph? And why are all the section descriptions wrapped in a quote block? Is this because @CheifWildin made the plugin and u want to give credit?

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What a great idea… Maybe if player.Name == @Stratiz it deletes everything in workspace? that way we make sure you can start creating with Part Sweeper from scratch!

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