Part to heavy in VR

I have made simple VR hands but for some reason when I pick up a part using AlignOrientations and AlignPositions to the hand it works fine, but then I drop it, the part just drops really fast. I want to know how to make the part drop slower. How I drop is reset the attachment 1 to nil. I think it may be done with the parts physical properties but I just need help in general thanks.

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Try making the gravity lower.

but how would I just do it to that 1 part?

You could add a BodyForce and then make it move up when it’s dropped…?

Have you tried making it massless when dropped? It sounds stupid but it might work.

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Enable custom properties and decrease the density


Yes, but it does the same thing for some reason

I will try what you have said. It will take a few.

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it might be that the velocity is constantly increasing while you hold it.
Try resetting the velocity to 0,0,0 and then drop it.

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Making density lower does nothing.

After detaching the part from the hand, wait() and then set its position to where it was detached

Doesent work. It still does nothing and acts the same.

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but I dont want to do that since I want the player to be able to throw.

Its just the parts acting really heavy and just falls over and down I can make clip if you want to see more of what im talking about?

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Yes, that would be helpful for us.

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Here is a video (It will show shortly) Part falling fast - YouTube

Heres the video it should upload in a few Part falling fast - YouTube

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I haven’t thought of a solution yet

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Judging by the video, the issue is that the AlignPosition object isn’t resetting the velocity when the object is in the air.
Therefore, when the object is in the air, the velocity keeps climbing until you drop the object, when the high velocity goes into effect.

Test this by going into studio and printing the velocity of the object you’re holding either by using Changed events, or while loops. If this is the issue, try using BodyPositions instead.