Part to Terrain Plugin

I’m sure most of you already know this, but…
I wrote a quick plugin that turns parts into terrain via :FillBlock and :FillBall, and had to do some custom stuff with wedges.

However, a recent update I made allows you to choose the material of terrain you want the part to turn into.

better explained in this gif: (which is not cooperating and i’m editing this several times now)

I couldn’t get the .gif to insert so here it is on twitter.


The current tools Roblox provides are great until you need something large and flat. This’ll be great for placing water.

Why we should just have waterparts

Why we should just have waterparts[/quote]
You can set the part’s material to water via part.Material = Enum.Material.Water but it turns invisible (and probably uncancollidable). I wonder if this will ever change in the future…?

I doubt it – the reason terrain is able to function smoothly (namely water) is because it works on a voxel system. I know it’s extremely annoying to have to move your entire map up/down/left/right just to get the water to fit in canals, pools, etc / terrain not being able to be copy/pasted/saved with a model, but I guess that’s just something we’ll have to live with.

ah but this is where you just insert a part then turn it into water via my plugin. PRESTO. You only have to move a part, not a whole map.

Voxels are snapped to a global grid though, so unless your level is aligned to that grid you’ll have to move it.

Occupancy makes up for that. You can adjust the ‘offset’ by changing the occupancies.