Part transparency not working help

Hi guys i have a sword giver script for which i need to have the Handle of the sword transparency to 1 so the mesh is visible and ideally the sword looks like this

But now the transparency of the handle is not being updated and i cant find the reason why as i have changed nothing and tried the same script on a new baseplate and it works , but for my game this is how it shows because the handle part transparency is not being updaated? anybody

Are you changing the mesh id for the sword in your script?

not at all perhaps the same tool and script works like the first image in a new baseplate where i tested it, even though the handles transparency is set to 1 it does not seem to make it invisible like in the second image

Could you show me the script, are you getting any errors from this?

yes i could and their are no errors as the script does what its supposed to do, its only the transparency not working and i found a workaround by making the handle part as tiny as invisible since the transparency propery did not work

I’m note sure what the problem is, have you got any highlights?

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im guessing it has something to do with my other scripts interferring since it worked perfectly on a new baseplate but i could not figure out what exactly as everything works except just the transparency , i am not sure what would interfere with a parts transparency, anyways scaling the handle to an extremely small or invisible size solved my issue

It sounds weird why it’s doing that, hopefully what you have done should work as a temporary fix but hopefully this temporary fix doesn’t interfere with any changes later. I apologize I am not able to find a solution. It may be due to the fact it is a tool but I haven’t heard of it before. But thank you for cooperating, I hope you can find a solution soon, If I think of one I will be sure to tell you

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it is a temporary fix since i used the handle as a hitbox , now i will probably try to use the mesh as a hitbox directly , i will update u if that works or ill also try to make a new handle , ive never had this issue before this is really weird that a parts transparency is not being set

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might have something to do with this Handles/ArcHandles Transparency property does not affect transparency at all

since i could not work with making the mesh as a hitbox i just changed the material of the handel to “ForceField” and that does the job and gives the sword a nice look too


the issue got fixed as soon as i added a mesh into the handle ;-; roblox is weird sometimes