Partialy Cut Off Numbers in the Script Editor

Doesn’t look very good and makes things slightly more difficult. I don’t think it was intended so I’d call it a bug.

If it’s needed, this computer is running Windows 10 at 1920x1080 resolution.

1080p, Windows 10 here, no issues.

Are you zoomed in/out in the script editor?

FYI pressing Ctrl+0 will reset your zoom if you are zoomed in @OP

Pressed Ctrl+0. I even changed the zoom then pressed it to make sure it was actually going back to the default since it didn’t seem to do anything at first.

I’m still having this issue, but now it’s worse. I think it has something to do with how Windows scales things. It got worse after I unplugged my laptop from the TV. The ROBLOX Studio UI gets weird sizes when I do that, too.

The numbers seem to have enough space, but they are not displaying properly. They appear right-aligned, but they start too far to the right. If anyone is interested in fixing this then finding what determines how for to the right to draw the numbers (edit) and what determines how big the space for them is is probably a good place to start.

Here's what it's like now Those numbers are actually `10X`, `11X`, etc. Changing the scale/zoom doesn't make them any more or less visible. ![](upload://s1ar7ntav6HjvD1u8YUiiWoOwmx.png)

I fixed this issue with a reinstall.

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