Particle effects not displaying in user thumbnail

  • Detailed description of bug;
    When roblox creates a thumbnail picture for my avatar, it no longer includes particle effects such as fire, and i’ve heard sparkles however I have not tested this.

  • Where the bug happens (be specific);
    This bug happens on my Roblox home page

    However also when GetUserThumbnailAsync() is called.

  • When it started happening;
    I don’t know a specific date however I noticed this happened about 1-2 weeks ago, at first I assumed it was a blip, however now i’m starting to believe its a bug, it also replicated to the forum when logging in and out, but thats self explanatory.

  • Screenshots and videos of the bug;

    Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 15.55.42

  • Steps to reproduce the issue (be minimal, specific, consistent!);

  1. Get Ghosdeeri or any other hat with a fire (or presumably also sparkle) effect.
  2. Equip the hat
  3. Wait for your profile picture to update

Note - Not currently possible to replicate what it would have used to look like, my screenshot is from before the forum updated my profile picture.

  • System specs:

Im on Mac, however this change can be seen by other users so I honestly doubt device is relevant here.


It looks like the 3d renderer on the item purchase page also is affected:

Could this bug be the result of Roblox’s website not rendering effects like fire and particles? The hat still has the fire when loaded into Studio:


I think it was too hard to make a default effect texture for thumbnail purposes or the effects are only displayed client side, and studio is just another client but you can actually BUILD without gears