Particle Emission in player GUI

Heya everyone,

I am currently trying to make a shop, which between other stuff would sell auras, the problem im getting is that particles do not display in viewport frames, nor in any part of the ui.

I’ve tried to find modules that replicate the craeation of viewport frames but to no result, and also looked into ways to replicate the particles in the UI, the best video i saw was this, but the way the module works is by creating and deleting a ton of imageLabels, which doesnt seem efficient, specially on a shop with a ton of cosmetics, anyone got any idea of what i could do?

If you absolutely do not want to use those modules for particles, your best bet is to create a spritesheet and loop through your frames.

its not really that i dont “want” to, its just that with simply 4-5 of those it starts lagging… ill take a look at sprite sheets if no one has another suggestion, its not ideal as it needs a ton of images uploaded and gotta do it manually 1 by 1 to each of the 30 auras, but if nothing better arives ig it will suffice… ty for the tip