Particle Emission not emitting solely from mesh

Not sure if this is the right section but I’ll make it quick.

I want the particles to emit only from the cylinder but it’s emitting in a square shape.

Really not sure what to do and I’ve tried using google.
Thanks for the help.

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Shape is like a mesh.

By the way, you could only make your own cylinder, or i don’t know, like make a cylinder entirely made with parts, and add those particles to each part, that might work.

I feel like that would make the part count pretty high, I’ll wait to see if there are other solutions but thanks for the help anyways :slight_smile:

Depends on the estimated circle total, how often the circle(s) will appear throughout the game.How many parts chosen to build the circles will matter as well.


  • Circle A isn’t a perfectly rounded circle so it has only 15 parts

  • Circle B is symmetrically accurate so it has a total of 40 parts.

Here’s the circles used if you want to experiment:
Circle comparison.rbxl (23.0 KB)

I guess that’s the simplest solution then, thanks for the help!

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