Particle emit's not facing forward

hello everyone so I want to make a slash sword but for some reason the particle emitter goes in the other direction sometime, I don’t know what the problem is whether it’s because the weld part for the particle merges with the humanoidrootpart or something.

what I want image

what happens (particle effects not facing forward where player’s facing) image

how do i make the part that has particle.emit always facing forward(where the player’s facing)

Can you send a video of the particle emitter in workspace, and is it locked to part?

ignore the many parts I forgot to change the destroy to 0.1 seconds !
only massless = enabled

Ok, so what i think is happening, since you’re changing the position of the part, and not the CFrame. The particle which is locked to the part is facing the wrong direction.
So instead you need to use CFrames.

local newCFrame = humanoidRootPart.CFrame *,0,-3) -- 3 studs in front

local part = game.ServerStorage.emit_for_later.emitted_tool:Clone()
	part.Position = newCFrame
	part.Parent = workspace

That should hopefully fix your problem. Let me know!

i change the script from position to cframe and still

robloxapp-20240321-1447369.wmv (1.3 MB)

Can i see the raw particle emitter in workspace, with the properties?


Yeah, I’m not sure, now I maybe think it’s the weld messing with it. Use a weldconstraint instead. All you have to do is change the to a WeldConstraint

i have tried weld and weldconstraint

this feels like the part is moving like it’s not anchored you know how a part moves without an anchor it will move around to the up, down,left and right. (note: if i anchor the part it make me stuck with the part position)

Oh yeah you’re right, my bad. I don’t know what could be messing with it. You could try rotation the part, or something else, but im stumped. Change part0 to humanoidrootpart, and part1 to part, and change the parent to the humanoidrootpart

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