Particle Emitter, creating a single particle rotating disc that rotate indefinitely?

I have created a single particle slowly rotating disc (slowly rotating is the key here). However this is not without flaws, firstly this means that a particle has a high lifetime, low rate and low time scale.

In effect what this does is that a particle is only spawned at long time interval, this in itself is not a huge deal. Problem is that the time the particle emitter takes to initially spawn a particle is also very slow.

I have some ideas how to work around this by instead using a meshpart with surface appearance, and then just rotate the part manually (tween), but if it is possible to do it with particle emitter I would very much prefer to do it that way since I am also dealing with other effects such as Light Emissions, size, transparency and such, but this is a lot of unnecessary steps if it could be done with particle emitter that already have all these properties builtin.

Basically I want to create a disc particle that rotate indefinitely, it would be controlled by a script so it would not actually be running for all eternity.

In the picture I have 3 separate particle emitters that counter rotate from each other, while they would not have those colors but just to show the different emitters.



I thought maybe use a surfacegui on an invisible rotating part that is on a hinge constraint… this doesnt use any scripts and is performance friendly, and will rotate indefinitely at any speed you desire, and loads in instantly.

Thats awesome, thanks for great suggestion absolutely going to be using this approach!

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If you aren’t familiar with the hinge constraint, set the actuator to motor, and make sure to apply enough force to spin your part… the hinge will go in the rotating part, while the attachments will go in both that part and the base part that doesn’t rotate.