Particle emitter delay

I’m trying to make a punch script that emits particles on the hit character, it all goes well until the particle parts, when i try doing the particles if i leave them on Enabled = false and then put it on Enabled = true using a script, on lower graphics it doesn’t appear at all. Same thing if i leave it enabled but the rate on 0 then changing it to 1, is there a way to make particles appear instantly the moment you need it, and is this accessible through a script?

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Yes. ParticleEmitters have a method called Emit which will emit n amount of particles immediately (single argument). Be wary of the warning stated on the page however about performance. Particles have a rendering limit of 16000 for computer/Xbox and 3600 for mobile.


Thank you! i did not know about this, i’m sorry i should’ve done a little more research before posting.