Particle Emitter Drag value ; Visual glitch


ok nevermind …thats odd somehow the glitch does not happen anymore …anyways heres a explanation on how i encountered it yesterday :

[details=Summary]So basically ; place the default particle emitter inside a default part and set the particle emitters drag value to -2 .

Now rotate the camera a bit around and you might notice that sometimes ; suddenly ; and from an specific angle the part somehow turns invisible -> while the part still has transparency 0 ; same for the particles.

It also then rarely looks like the particles would clip trough and or behind the part when rotating the camera quickly enough.

I didnt tested yet if this optical glitch is only visible in studio or also ingame .

BTW : the part gets visible again when changing camera angle and also its color and or transparency ; the glitch also does not work with meshparts as far as i can tell.[/details]


sorry i thought a 4 min video was enough information ): :thinking:

It’s a little long actually, there should be a textual explanation to go with it so people don’t have to sit through a 4 minute video without sound. I would suggest to copy over the sections from “Steps to Report a Bug” and fill them in one by one with detail, then add a shorter video/gif that only shows the problem itself.

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right sorry ; but i didnt got the time now ):

Full problem description in first post.