Particle issue and need help

I made a particle that surrounds the character’s head but it does this:

How do I fix it? Any help is really appreciated and I would love the help

Whats the goal here? Do you need a particle that surrounds the player full head?

yeah well the full thing is suppose to look like this:

It’s a glowing effect for the game.

Ah okay, so you want an outline sort of thing?

The problem is that the head particle is super wide and it isn’t doing what the other particles in the body are.

correct! that is what I am trying to make for my game.

Make an attachment for the particle!
What you could do is set the Spread to 360,360 then change the speed and add drag. Then Lock particles to part and set Z index to -1

Oh, alright I’ll do that and see if it works.

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How much should I make the drag and speed?

Play around with the settings until the particles are in a ball shape. From the top of my head i dont know the settings it would need

Ok, thanks for the help! It is appreciated!