Particle Rotation not Locked with part

Hey there! So I made a sprite sheet particle and everything was going well until I tried to change the rotation of the base part. When I changed the X-axis Orientation the particle didn’t follow(The Y-axis is the only axis that works). Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Not really an expert in this field lol.


Particle Settings:


Thank you for the help!

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Try Setting Drag, might help

No, Drag is for the particle itself and its movement, It doesn’t help with syncing the rotation.

Try just parenting the emitter to the ChainsawBase instead of into an attachment.

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Didn’t work, Thx for the idea though

Try weld constraining it another invisible piece, and rotating that invisible piece instead?

Its a spritesheet, And The shape is rectangle so it wont work

I meant weld the existing part you have now that has the emitter in it (chainsaw base), to an invisible part, and rotate that invisible part instead of your existing part.

Im having the same problem, did you find a solution?