ParticleEmitter and/or Trail help


I guess this is the only place I can actually get some advice and help in terms of making a trail/particles.

I know how to make basic trails and particles but I can not seem to get my head over some things.

For example ->

How would you make particles and trails like these? Even if you have the texture, its constant, like there is no ending to it.However, in the gyazo above, it stops at some point and fades. It also follows the movement of the sword. Could it be a model?

I just need advice on the logic to it, and how would I approach making such particle or trail.

Thank you


The little spin effect at the beginning looks to be a trail. It looks like the main effect is a bunch of diamond meshparts with particle emitters inside them.

To create advanced effects such as these, you have blend trails, beams, parts, mesh parts, and particle emitters.

Its something that you would just have to practice with to see what looks best.


Before I start, I need to say… wherever you found this, I don’t know, but that looks gorgeous.

Anyway! I think that what you’ll want to do firsthand is analyse the video very carefully. You’ll really want to pause and scrub over it several times. There is a mix of ParticleEmitters, trails and parts. I captured this still image which shows all three of them in effect. There’s a lot of illusionary effects too that are blended together to make this work.

At the basic level, this effect begins off with the trail. Seemingly after making a full crescent shape, it then spawns a part that fits that crescent shape. I would assume that in this mesh are several attachments which serve as emitter points for the fire which is then activated for a brief period of time.

Here’s some scrubbing work I’ve done:

Excuse my mouse position, don’t know why ShareX botched it.

Notice how the fire spike seems to already be constructed but just become visible after being tweened upward to give the effect that it follows the trail. Now how accurate this is or not I don’t know since we only have one visible perspective and I haven’t seen it, but hopefully they’re good starting points to your investigation here.